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1000 Handrail

Innovative design combined with unmatched protection produces a handrail unlike any other.

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Features and benefits

The 1000 handrail’s innovative style fills the size gap between small handrails that offer no wall protection and large handrails that provide more protection than you may need.

  • European style profile brings innovative design aspects to the look of this handrail
  • Has been tested and meets the GREENGUARD Children & School chemical emissions levels
  • Minimise seams with standard 3.5m handrail lengths
  • Continuous mounting ligature resistant* bracket is available to address safety issues for patients in mental health or similar areas by eliminating the gap between the wall and handrail

*While these products are designed for behavioural health applications, they do not guarantee patient safety.

Product specification

  • 1000 – 110mm Handrail 12′
  • 1002 – 110mm Left Return
  • 1003 – 110mm Right Return
  • 1004 – 110mm Outside Corner 90°
  • 1004135 – 110mm Outside Corner 135°
  • 1005 – 110mm Inside Corner 90°
  • 1005135 – 110mm Inside Corner 135°
  • 1001 – Handrail Mounting Bracket
  • 804 – Splice
  • CBRKLF – Continuous Mounting Bracket
  • NOTE: Add suffix “W” to part number for Woodland finish.

Technical information