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461 New to Existing / 471 Surface Mount Expansion Joint Covers

400 series systems meet Moderate to heavy Duty loading scenarios such as warehouses, stadiums and auditoriums.

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Features and benefits

  • Tapered center plate design maintains a smooth transition
  • Designed for retrofits, additions and renovations
  • Centering bar maintains center plate position and allows for multi-directional seismic movement
  • Hidden cover plate bar hardware for clean look
  • 461 Series – Applies to additions where the blockout occurs on one side only
  • 471 Series – Series applies to retrofit surface mounted conditions only

Product specification

  • Floor/Floor, Floor/Wall Conditions
  • Movement: +/- 50%, +/- 100%
  • Joint width: 75-200mm
  • Optional vapor barrier
  • Optional fire rated
  • Sheer movement unlimited

Technical information