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516 Single Sightline for Carpet Floor Expansion Joint Covers

Glide plate covers provides a smooth and durable transition over the expansion joint.

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Features and benefits

  • System reduces joint widths of up to 100mm down to a narrow sightline of only 25mm
  • Specially designed for continuous flooring types such as carpet and vinyl sheet
  • Stainless steel leaf spring supports heavy pedestrian loads and secures flooring in place during movement
  • Single, narrow sightline preferred by interior designers
  • ADA compliant
  • Adjustable frame height allows for various carpet pile heights
  • Perfect for both renovation and new construction projects
  • System requires blockout only on one side, simplifying construction coordination between trades

Product specification

  • Floor to Floor
  • Floor to Wall
  • Movement: +/- 50%, +/- 100%
  • Joint width: 25-75mm
  • Optional vapor barrier
  • Optional fire rated
  • Sheer movement unlimited

Technical information