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Fireline™ 140 Fire Barrier

Protect your building and the people inside from the spread of smoke and fire with the Fireline 140 fire barrier.

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Features and benefits

  • No mechanical fastening required for installation
  • Product utilizes a combination of a tough outer wall for transport & installation protection along with layers of intumescences and high temperature insulation to resist toxic smoke and fire.
  • Product mounts against the inside face of the expansion joint. This eases installation of any coverplate or chase wall system allowing for a more consistent finish.
  • Patented pre-attached flanges utilizing adjustable compression springs for consistent outward pressure during joint cycling.
  • Sections come with factory made male to female ends,eliminating the need for complex field manipulation at seams

Product specification

  • Passive Fire barrier system for 1 and 2 Hr. Fire Ratings.
  • Tested in accordance with: – UL 2079/ ULC S-115 “FTH” (FTH: Rating Fire, Temperature and Hose)
  • System sold in 6 1/2’ (2m) lengths -ASTM-E119/E1399/E1966
  • For use in horizontal and vertical expansion joints ranging 2-4” (50-100mm) in size. 1” (25mm) system available for horizontal expansion joint only.
  • 50%+- seismic movement rating
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